Back from my….break

Its I, Dr. K.A.I. I haven’t logged in a while now, because i thought it was basically pointless and i had absolutely no idea of what to say or type on my blog; but now i think i have an idea of what to start putting in my blog posts. Bear with me ’cause i’m sorta new at this, but i’ll get used to it in a bit of time.

My blog is going to contain my thoughts, some songs that I’ve written over the years…(months); some drafts of my stories or the whole, real deal and some info on everything you need to know about anything. It could seem crappy to some of you, but…{c’mon on, gimme a break}. By next week i would’ve come up with a kinda schedule for posting stuff, like funny monday; where i’ll post funny stuff like pictures, videos and jokes or instances.

Well, gotta go!

I’m BACK!!


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