Mechanical Avengers

This is a draft from my story, Mechanical Avengers, currently ongoing on Wattpad. Read it, tell me my mistakes and various issue with the way its written, so I can make amends. Thanks.

Nathan Marshall, a typical American teenager who just graduated the previous year, was about to head for his laboratory where he works. As he arrived at the door of HT Labs™, he brought out his ID card and slit it through the card spot, the lab logo was displayed followed by his profile on a little touch-sensitive screen and the security door opened revealing a fully equipped High-Tech room with people in it. Nathan walked into the building and headed towards a neat-looking door. He opened the door and went in the room. This air-conditioned room was his office. The room was built with a temperature sensitive air-conditioning system and every other thing a person sitting in an office could possibly want. A titanium door to the left of his desk stood out from the cool, blue wall and what seemed like a huge block of copper; which was actually a sophisticated kind of safe for keeping files; stood parallel to the wall on the left side of the office, leaving a huge chunk of space in the room; and due to the room’s size, it looked empty. He took a look at his desk, and this desk was no ordinary desk. It was a digital desk, but like almost every other desk it was made out of a perfectly carved, smooth wood except it had a small 15 inch glass surface, which was touch sensitive, in the middle of the table. He tapped the desk and it welcomed him. Yup. You heard me. It welcomed him; the desk was somewhat of an interactive, smart desk. Nathan, then proceeded to tapping a certain area on the touch-sensitive glass surface of the desk, and the desk responded saying You have 1 message standing by. He tapped the icon and it read out loud “Nathan, I want you to work on the oxygenator and manufacture 2 cyberorganic arms quickly.”  As he finished reading the message, a mini, self-controlled hovercraft floated into the room, he mustered some words to himself, as the ‘hovercraft’ relayed a message to him out loud “Sir, the boss told me to inform you that the materials for the cyberorganic arms are in your lab and umm.., oh, Here’s the broken oxygenator..”, . Nathan glanced on top the hovercraft, to find the oxygenator there, then he sat down for some minutes. After thinking stuff to himself, Nathan stood up and walked towards the titanium door and inputed the code on it and ……it opened to reveal Nathan’s Lab. He walked in, his workers where busy except this girl, Hailey, whom he appointed the coordinator of his lab. Nathan called her and told her about the cyberorganic arms and told her to get some of the workers to get started on it before he gets back. Nathan got outside HT Labs™ and his ID beeped, he had a video message and 2 missed chats.(An ID is Inter-telecommunications Device for short, its goes beyond what even your present day computer combined with smartphones can do, it’s a hand held device that now replaces smart phones in most parts of the world). He walked to the Lab’s Parking Lot, he looked round till he found his car, a JOIKMM HT630, he got in. The JOIKMM HT630 has an input smart system, that can be voice operated, it has a global GPS and an emergency teleportation system. JOIKMM car models each have different abilities, but Nathan’s had the ability to change its form into a Quad, a motor bike, a boat or a small four-sitter Jet. Nathan watched his video message, it was his girlfriend, Tori, she told him that she just came into town and he should meet her at Central Park. Nathan immediately voice-activated his Car and screeched off. Within 2 minutes, Nathan reached Central Park; he parked his car in a parking spot close to the Park, then he strolled into the Park. He stopped looking around for Tori, when she hugged him from behind “Nathan, hey, I missed you when I was away”, “I missed you too”, Nathan replied, as he turned around to hug Tori perfectly. “Let’s take a walk”, Tori suggested. They walked around the park while talking for, like, 30 minutes; then, Tori asked “Can we please go some place to eat?“I’m really hungry”. Nathan nodded and they both walked to his car. They got in and ZOOMed off towards East Western Street where Emilio’s Deli is located. After a great day, Nathan drops off his great girlfriend and heads to ‘Juxtapose hotel’(the hotel where he lives).    He arrived at the Hotel, eats and goes to sleep, around 8:30pm.


The Next Day, Nathan woke up, had his bath and was ready for work. He got in his JOIKMM HT630 and raced towards HT Labs™. When turned into Hudson Street, HT labs was crowded, as far as he could see. Immediately he parked his car, reporters swarmed around him, “Nathan, Sir, What are you gonna do about the stolen Tech in HT Labs, HQ”, a reporter asked. Nathan’s eyes widened as the sound ‘STOLEN TECH’ rung in his Ear canal. He dashed towards the main Entrance of HT Lab and by the side of it was a huge opening on the wall, beside the titanium-copper alloy security door. His body vibrated as he walked through the hole. But it was off anger or shock, he had an Incoming CHAT. He answered it. (CHAT-{is like your average day calls but, it is done by a coloured vivid and exact-sized holographic projection of the caller being projected from the ID, as if he/she were right in front of you and you both can talk, as if having a normal conversation}Calls Hinged on Advanced Technology). It was his mother, Carina, on the ID. ‘…Hey mum, umm…, I’m kinda busy right now so…’. Nathan gets interrupted by his mum. “Sweetie, I need you to come, pick me and your father, we are going to The American Museum of Natural History, come quick”. Just as the CHAT ended, the Manager of the Programming division of HT Labs™ walked up to Nathan “Looks, like the cyberorganic arms and the Oxygenator plus a few other tech and software were stolen”, Nathan stopped and replied “I have to go” “Inform the boss about the situation and make sure to tell him about the hole”. Nathan walked away to his car and drove to pick his Parents.

 “Hello, dear”, Carina said as Nathan got out of his car to meet his parents. “I’m fine mum, now please get in the car, I have a lot of work to do”, he replied. Suddenly, there was an Earthquake (or what felt like an Earthquake), except it wasn’t one. They all looked behind them just in time to see a giant robot coming down from Grand Central, destroying everything in its path. Immediately, Nathan voice-activated his car and kicked it into reverse…and ZOOM, they were off. The robot sighted Nathan’s car speeding off and chased after it.

How was it?  Leave your comments below?


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