I Am Who I Am

Image This is a chapter one draft from one of my books in progress on wattpad.com. Read it through and please let me know how i did.    P.S: In case you’re confused, the letters in italics sometimes refer to the character’s thoughts. ENJOY!


You’re Special’ were the words that kept ringing in my head before I woke up. I found myself lying on a hospital bed; I tried to get up, but I felt terrible pains in my body. I decided to lie back down, and a thought occurred to me followed by a splitting headache; who am i?
Then a lady walked in, looking worried, but when she looked towards me, her face read happiness and surprise. She said “Thank God, you’re finally awake”. I then asked “Where am I?”, and she said “You’re at Calibri Hospital, I’m the nurse that has been taking care of you while you were out”. I nodded, she continued, “The rest of the staff thought there was no way you would survive, because the day we found you, in front of our doors, you were badly injured; you had a really deep cut, down past your skull, you had to undergo an extreme surgery to get into shape”. I replied “Thank you”. Then she asked a question i think she had been pondering about, “How did you sustain such injuries, and what is your name”. As I tried to remember my name, the splitting headache returned, and then I said “I don’t know”. “Okay I’ll leave you to rest and we can talk tomorrow before you are discharged and don’t worry about the bills, I’ll pay them for you”, she stood up. I looked at the nice lady as she walked away, she was going to pay my bills, and at least I don’t have to worry about that. I relaxed on the bed and I dosed off.
I opened my eyes, the sun rays were blinding me, I shaded my eyes and looked around. The nurse hadn’t come yet. But there was a burger beside me, on a tray. I picked it and took a bite, this tastes good, and I looked out the window and saw two birds staring right at me, that’s weird. Then the nurse walked in “Sorry I’m late, I was looking for some of your stuff” my stuff? “When we found you at our doorstep, we found a small notepad in your pocket and a ring” she said, handing me the notepad and the ring. First, I wore the ring and I immediately felt a surge of energy through me and I sat up, then I opened the notepad. On the first page were those two words ‘You’re Special’, I gasped. “What’s wrong?” the nurse asked, and I replied “Nothing”. I turned to the next page of the notepad and I saw a name Kai, followed by the sentence ‘Your name is Kai’. Then I said “I think I know my name now”, the nurse replied “Well, what is it”, and I said “It’s Kai”. “How do you know”, the nurse said, and I immediately replied, ”Because it says so in this notepad and I believe the notepad is mine, because I won’t just go and steal someone’s notepad”, “What makes you so sure it’s yours”, she said. I replied “I know because of these two words”, showing her the words, “I remember those words”, “Okay”, she said.  Then I put the notepad in my pocket and I thanked her for all she’s done. “No need to thank me, I’m just helping you besides i’m not done helping you”, she said smiling. Surprised I said “You’re not?” she replied “Nope I’m not, I got a house for you to stay in and I am currently looking for a high school for you to attend”, immediately I said ”Thank you so much for everything, nurse”, “You’re welcome and by the way my name is Rebecca”, she replied.
After some minutes Rebecca lead me to the doctor’s office, he considered me discharged. I followed Rebecca and got into her car, and she drove off, heading for the house she got me. Rebecca stopped in front of a turquoise-colored bungalow. She opened the house door and gave me the keys, “By next week, I should have gotten a high school for you, I’ll call you”, she said as she pointed to a box. I opened the box, in it was a cell phone, “Use it to contact me whenever”. I nodded. I pushed the button embedded beside the phone and watched the phone as it lit up. It requested for a date, I looked around and found a calendar. Looked at the date and it was 16 of October today. I typed it in and thanked Rebecca once again. After some time she decided to leave, on leaving she said “The day is still young, go out, walk around, and get to know the neighborhood, its safe”, I nodded and she closed the door. I heard her car start up and drive away. I stood up and walked into the kitchen and took out a burger out of six from the fridge, stuck it in the microwave, opened it up and started eating it. These are so good.
After eating all the burgers, I decided to take a walk down the street and back. I got outside I closed and locked the door, just as I was about to step on the sidewalk, a letter fell from the sky and landed exactly in the back pocket of my trouser. Whoa, where did that come from,i thought as I opened it and began reading it:

 Welcome, I knew you wouldn’t die the day I left you at the doorsteps of that hospital; you’re more powerful than i thought. Let me introduce myself, I am your master, your father, and I’m so glad to see you again. I would have come in person to meet you but for safety reasons, I don’t want anyone to harm you again. Although you won’t see me, I will be following and anticipating what you do, every day and I’ll also be sending you letters every day and the ring, as long as you have that ring on, we can communicate. I love you, Kai, and I hope we would reunite and meet in person again, someday.               


Love, Your dad, Jason
My heart suddenly became enlightened. I had a dad, this is great, he can talk to me, but I can’t talk to him. I continued walking down the street, it was quiet, calm, and I liked it. As I reached the edge of the street, I noticed a sign-post with the name of the street, Special Avenue. I turned back, heading to my house, I saw a girl walking unto my porch. I got to my house, “Hi”, I said. The girl turned around, “oh, Hi, I’ve been knocking; I wanted to welcome to into  …um… the neighborhood”, I replied “Thanks”. She was walking away, then she turned around, reached out her hand for a handshake and said, “My name is Julie; by the way”, I accepted the handshake and said “I’m Kai”. “Nice meeting you, Kai”, “The pleasure is mine”. She took one step away, and turned around again “If you ever need a tour around the area, city or anything, I live opposite you”, she said pointing to a green detached house. I said “Okay, I’ll do that”. She smiled and walked away. I opened the door of my house and went in. I put on the TV, to watch, I had no DVDs nevertheless a DVD player. I went to take a shower.

After the shower, i came back to sit on the couch and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see Julie, “Hey, come in” I said, she came in and I closed the door. She handed me a pie, “My mum says I should give you this”, I replied “Tell her I said, thanks”. She nodded while turning around as she walked out the door. I took out my cellphone from my pocket, it showed 1 new message, I read them. It was from Rebecca, asking how I was doing, I replied Fine. I kept the pie in the fridge, I noticed there was a note attached to the pie. The note read: This is our home phone number; if there’s anything you need, don’t be shy to give us a call. Good night, Julie’s Mum. I took a slice out of the pie umm… this is good; I took another slice and kept the remainder in the fridge. I went up to my room and slept off.


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