[Flash Fiction] – Flabbergastedly Happy

I got on my bike and decided to ride out, one evening. I came close to a hotel and a dog ‘ambushed’ me from my left side out of the darkness. With the dog barking strongly at me, i was sort of filled with fear for a moment, then i ‘bolted’, pedaling fast. The dog was hot on my heels as i pedaled as fast as i could, nearing an intersection. The dog got in front of me before the intersection and kept on running. Surprised, i slowed down, the dog suddenly stopped and turned around and gave a little bark, as if expecting me to follow it. Then i realized the dog wasn’t ‘out to get me’, it just wanted to play. So i biked after the dog in a brief moment of relief and happiness. We reached the 4-way intersection, then the dog chased after some other car. I was heartbroken at first, then i was relieved; because if the dog had followed me till i got home, i would have had to leave it outside or tell it to go home. And if something were to happen to it, i would feel guilty for the rest of my life.


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