Meeting Kasiobi

A thought-provoking piece of non-fiction by my sister.

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Hello people,

I hope your day is going fine.

The content of the post warms my heart, I had a good time writing it. It is also my first attempt at non-fiction. So please read and share. Your thoughts, tips and corrections will be appreciated.



Few things have evoked my empathy like the evening I spent with a beautiful man named Kasiobi who has lost an ability that I take for granted every day. He was a friend of a friend and we had recently just become friends on Facebook. After I had done everything I had to do that day, I invited him over. He came later than I expected. At some point I concluded that he had decided not to come after all. But at a few minutes to five, I got a text from him saying he was at the junction of my streetā€¦

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