Well, this is the about page which supposedly tells you all about the blog and/or the writer. I have completely no idea of what to write/type here so, I’m winging it.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I put my thoughts, emotions, and certain creations in this blog. You may see stuff that doesn’t make sense or stuff that are funny, or all kinds of stuff [don’t know why I keep using the word, stuff]. I intend to intrigue and entertain people with this blog. I’m also intent on discovering things about myself and possibly sharing them with you.

I’m the writer of this blog. You may call me K.A.I [pronounced ‘Kai’] and I  am a guy unlike any you’ll ever encounter. I’m unique in most ways, just like everyone is ☺ … wait that would make me regular ☹. This isn’t an about page anymore. Just forget it, go on in the blog, be surprised, educated and most importantly be intrigued.

I’m not cut out for writing ‘about’ pages.


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