Meeting Kasiobi

A thought-provoking piece of non-fiction by my sister.

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Hello people,

I hope your day is going fine.

The content of the post warms my heart, I had a good time writing it. It is also my first attempt at non-fiction. So please read and share. Your thoughts, tips and corrections will be appreciated.



Few things have evoked my empathy like the evening I spent with a beautiful man named Kasiobi who has lost an ability that I take for granted every day. He was a friend of a friend and we had recently just become friends on Facebook. After I had done everything I had to do that day, I invited him over. He came later than I expected. At some point I concluded that he had decided not to come after all. But at a few minutes to five, I got a text from him saying he was at the junction of my street…

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This is a brilliant piece of literature, written by my big sis. 😀

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Anjola’s mum, aunty Arin sets the cake on the table, in front of Anjola and the other kids from school. The birthday cake is a barbie doll in a pink ball gown. I do not like ball gowns, the lace itches my thighs but I am wearing one today because Anjola will be pleased, It is her birthday today. Eleven of us, boys and girls are standing under the sun, waiting for Anjola’s big uncle, Uncle Mika to arrange chairs for a game of dancing around the chairs. I count the chairs with my eyes as he pulls from the tall stack, placing them beside each other in a circle. They are ten, ten white plastic chairs. He wipes dust off the chairs with a piece of cloth, his t-shirt has Anjola’s face in front, with a big yellow number 7 at the back. I am only a few months…

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#Found: Scribbles by Stan


Omo mehn, but we get talents for this country oO.

If you haven’t heard of Stanley Obende, then it’s okay. Grand-masters always hide behind their work, forming “low-key”. Let’s fix that real quick.

Stanley, or Stanch as he’s popularly known by, is an illustrative character creative who designs and creates comics. Still can’t recognize the name? He’s responsible for the comics Uhuru legend of the Wind Riders, Strike Guard and more recently Avonome. Currently, he works with Comic Republic Media

See some of the amazing lines he’s drawn!
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Be sure to look out for the next issue of Avonome #2 coming out on 30/04/15

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